We Create Prepared Families.
We Create Prepared Families.

We Create Prepared Families.

Hi, my name is Scott, and I've been on a mission since 2014, with the goal to create prepared families.

In 2015 I launched PrepperCon, it became the worlds largest preparedness expo.

Sadly the reach wasn't big enough and not enough families could be helped with a location specific event.

So I created this platform. We can now help every family in the world to get prepared, become resilient, eliminate fear and take control of their future.

I give you the Ready Summit. Why is it called a summit? Throughout the world, there are stories of the young wisdom seeker climbing to the top of the mountain, the summit, to speak with the old wiseman. The only historical example i've found for this is the story of Moses and God. Moses had to climb Mount Sinai to learn from the expert of the whole universe, God.

We can't bring you to God, but we can bring the preparedness experts off the mountain, and down to you. So that you and your loved one's can get Ready now.

Preparedness Starts with a Plan.

If you’ve learned anything over the last few years, it’s to expect the unexpected. Lockdowns, pandemics, and economic disruptions and supply chain breakdowns are just a few of the issues you now face on the daily.

Knowing we’re all in the same crisis, means you need to take extra steps now to get your family prepared to be ready for anything unexpected that could happen.

It’s not something to fear, and it’s not something that is hard to figure out. What I’ve found in my decades of teaching is that most people need a jumping off point and clear instructions and that those things put them at ease and will get them prepared with the least amount of time and money. 

The Ready Summit system is designed specifically to enable you to crush the unexpected because you’ve already prepared for it. 

You will learn the wisdom of living the prepared life, the right way, saving thousands along the way and most importantly, saving your loved ones through the challenges of tomorrow.


Everything you need in one place.

Most beginners never get started because they lack a clear path of action and a support network. Here at the Ready Summit, you'll learn from those who live and breathe what they teach. You'll avoid misinformation and fake guru's which are prevalent on the internet today.

What to expect from the Ready Summit

When it comes to preparedness, most of the questions we get are around where to start. What to do, and how? Did you know most people get it wrong a few times before they finally get it right? Our mission is to save you time and money from avoidable mistakes so you can get it right. Here at the Ready Summit you'll

  • Solve future problems with the knowledge and skills learned here.

  • Learn The foundation skills and basics from experts.

  • Perfecting your Emergency Plans.

  • First aid technologies for when the doctor isn't available.

  • Food Storage myths debunked and the reality of long term food storage.

  • Water Storage & purification systems and methods.

  • How to preserve your food the right way.

  • Communication plans and solutions when everything else fails.

  • Home and personal self defense and security.

  • Free downloadable PDF resources, and instructions.

Best of all, you'll get live help from our team of experts during each event and in our weekly live help sessions. This is your one stop resource for getting prepared, achieving peace and more than anything, keeping your loved ones safe.

Membership Options

While everyone else is charging you hundreds or even thousands of dollars for only a portion of what you get here, our purpose is making this accessible for everyone.

Meet some of our Experts and Speakers

These incredible instructors and experts already live and breathe the ready life.

Come back soon, we're updating this section weekly.

Dr. David Pruett
Cidni the Prepsteader
Marcello Surgopolos
Sue McMillan
Gavin Rich
Stan Prueitt
Scott Stallings
Dr. David Pruett

Emergency Communications Simplified

Former Navy, ER Doc, David has a unique ability for making the difficult easier to understand. He does fantastic first aid and suture courses as well as emergency communications. He is one of the most well rounded speakers and individuals we are excited to share with you.

Cidni the Prepsteader

Canning simplified, what to do, how to do it and how to win at canning

Cidni is currently helping hundreds of thousands learn canning online. Her deep knowledge of traditional, rebel and pressure canner methods and recipes make her our go-to for all things canning. She's also a homesteader with extensive experience in community, and barter and trade.

Marcello Surgopolos

The 5 Food Killers - Will Your Food REALLY Last 25 Years??

A Pioneer in Emergency Preparedness research and implementation and is passionate about helping others get prepared the right way. He has worked with the U.S. Special Forces, Large Retailers, Corporations, Celebrities, Churches, Hospitals, Government entities of all sizes, and 1000s of Families worldwide to prepare for emergencies. He is also a First Responder.

Sue McMillan

Alternative methods Cooking Course

Sue believes that being prepared is a way of living and not just a plan for future emergencies. She is passionate about ‘all things preparedness’ and has been sharing her passion and knowledge for many years through her preparedness workshops. Sue knows that with careful planning, obtaining food and supplies can be done on any budget and within any space, because she has lived it!

Joel "Stew" Stewart

Solar education, installation and understanding of our grid limitations and true capacity.

-Residential/Commercial/Utility Scale Expert -Energy Consultant @SunEdison w/ “National Best Selling Author: Robert Linton. -National Solar Developer 9+ Years.

Gavin Rich

First Aid Technologies

Helped create the most advanced first aid training called Advanced Injury Treatment Training and has trained doctors, nurses, EMT’s and safety directors in Utah and across the country. Has helped businesses and families save thousands on medical costs through their training and education classes as a result of injuries on and off the job.

Stan Prueitt

Master Instructor & holds 6 black belts in traditional martial arts

Stan worked in the Federal Weapons Program for 17 years, was a certified NM State Police Officer and ran the L.E., Contractor Operator, and civilian tactical training organization know as Urban Survivors LLC.

Scott Stallings

Ready Basics, where, what, how, and when's of preparedness

Scott is a lifelong "prepper," the creator of PrepperCon and Co Founder of Prepper Talk Radio. He focuses on teaching the fundamentals of preparedness. Assess, Plan, Acquire and Grow.

Thank you to our Partners and Sponsors for making this all possible.