We exist to get you Ready.

Hi, my name is Scott Stallings and I started this mission in 2014, with the goal to create prepared families, because prepared families create prepared communities.

I launched PrepperCon in 2015 (the worlds largest preparedness expo) but the reach wasn't big enough. We needed to impact every home in every city, in every community. That event just couldn't do what was needed.

So I created this platform. It was only a dream back then, but with the aid of the best preparedness experts I turn to, it is now a reality. I bring you, the Ready Summit.

Start with the right foundation

Learn the essentials and build a strong foundation first.

  • Food Storage and Use

  • Water purification and storage

  • Security and Communications

  • First aid training and technologies

Everything Preparedness in One Place.

No confusing groups on social media, no sifting through thousands of posts to find what you're looking for, just one site, with video instruction, how to's, pdf downloads, and a growing community. This is what you've been looking for.

What's included...($1,580 Value)

Getting started has never been simpler. We have a 6 day launch that comes with a resource guide, planning and assessments as well as a library of videos on demand.

20 hours of Instruction on the foundations of preparedness, planning, and safety. This includes expert instruction on food storage, water purification, and cooking methods, and first aid. ($497 value)

Weekly live-stream coaching. Every week hop in one of our live stream coaching sessions for custom guided help to get you over any hurdles or through any challenges you need help with ($799 value).

6 Conferences yearly from experts streamed in from all over the world. ($197 value).

Download all our included material handouts, pdf's and resources ($87 value) and get continued access to all the experts on their platforms.

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